Sunday, August 15, 2010

Chalk-full o' windows

I am really loving how insanely crafty Nathan is with me. I think most of the time he's the only one who actually makes the projects while I just talk about it. I was randomly telling him that we should paint a chalkboard in the kitchen. He told me he hadn't heard about chalkboard paint. So we started coming up with ideas and the next day he sends me a picture of this window that he found at the antique store on his lunch break.
My response? Perfect.
A little bit of browsing at anthropologie and we found an awesome reindeer hook to hang the chalk off of.

Three layers of chalkboard paint and 4 days of drying time- our chalkboard is finished!


  1. This is awesome. Love the creativity and what a badass window!

  2. WOW! so beautiful :] & it does look like something you'd find in anthropologie for $200 ;]

  3. I have a bottle of chalk board spray paint, love it!