Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A roasted chicken

I think roasting a chicken always makes me feel good. The whole house smells delicious and always makes for a tasty chicken salad the next day.

Bacon wrapped roasted chicken with garlic, white wine and thyme

Chicken (about 5 lbs)
Garlic powder
seasoned salt
black pepper
two garlic cloves- smashed
6-8 strips bacon
bunch of thyme
half bottle of white wine
handful of garlic cloves
sweet onion- cut into quarters

Combine garlic powder through garlic cloves. Rub all over and inside chicken. Stuff chicken with thyme, half of garlic cloves. Wrap the chicken and tie the legs together with bacon. Place remaining garlic cloves, onion and wine in the bottom of the roasting pan.

Cook 20 minutes per pound. Do not baste.
Let chicken rest 10 minutes- tented with foil
Serve with polenta, balsamic glazed mushrooms and au jus on the side. Sprinkle fresh herbs on top.

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