Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer camp, crafty birdcages and vino

I was staying at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna for the past two weeks and I am home again, home again... I only have one more class until I have my masters degree ...phew. Ready for classes to be done and hopeful I'll find a teaching job for the fall.

Below are my two pieces...

listening to critique stuff....

I loved this book that this girl chrystina made, it was very detailed and time consuming and she said " I will never make another one of these ever again

Ruth's wall art was fantastic
Stuart below was fantastic all week (love him)
Chad made a house made of cigarette boxes and pill bottles. He brought several of us to tears when he started crying talking about it.

close-up of an assemblage piece before it was done
the summer camp (ACA) buildings
the buildings floated

The maintenance guy, Tom, also happened to cook every once in a while for groups that were at the ACA. When he was cooking we were to call him "Chef Tom." I had the pleasure of attending Chef Tom's taco bar lunch- title is questionable

They had a really great library with a neat-o spiral staircase- it was very Harry Potter.
I did go to Mon Delice while I was in New Smyrna. I brought back key lime pie, snowballs and strawberry squares for dessert.

my art space- clean as usual

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